How to Organize the Perfect Valentine's Day Getaway

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Ideas, tips and strategies for making the trip more romantic: get inspired! Valentine's Day is coming soon and there is nothing more glamorous than giving your love a trip. Did we read your mind? Here are some ideas for making your escape the most special, romantic trip of the year.

If you already have a destination... 

If you like to plan your trips ahead of time and you already have everything figured out, show him that you can also surprise him before you go and after you arrive. Make every moment of the trip special:

leave him various clues about the trip; you'll create excitement and make the trip more special.

If you're driving, record a CD with his favorite music and surprise him with the thought.

Reserve a romantic lunch or dinner beforehand at a restaurant at the destination. Get online and do some research. For an even more intimate evening, try to reserve a private booth.

Browse guidebooks for the city you will be visiting for some kind of entertainment, such as an exhibit or a play you know he might like. Buy tickets for one of the days of your stay. Don't say anything to him and suggest an outing on the town. When he sees what you have done, not only will he be surprised, he will appreciate the affection and thought you put into organizing this.

Put a small gift somewhere in his luggage, so he will come across it unexpectedly.

Order a bottle of champagne and have it waiting in your room when you arrive. A toast to celebrate your love and to relax from traveling is a real    treat.

Leave him messages on the bathroom mirror every day of your getaway. You can write your plans for the day or simply say that you're happy to be there with him!

If your destination is a quiet place far from civilization, take an iPod and record your favorite songs - you'll be able to create a romantic moment anytime.

Make dinners and nights an ode to love.
 Do not insist on going shopping! You might step into a shop or two, but don't make a day of it.

Take a camera and record memories of your trip. It will be fantastic to experience it again later. 

An original idea... 

You might want to give him a trip that falls right on Valentine's weekend. However, if you want to give him the surprise of his life, search the internet for concerts with his favorite bands and organize a surprise trip to see them. Success is guaranteed!

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