Mom's heart-warming ways to make this world perfect

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Mothers have the great ability to make the world around us perfect. This Mother’s Day, we asked a writer how her mother made her world perfect. What she wrote surprised us.

My mother is not perfect, but she made (and still makes) my world the perfect place. My mother provided an unwavering support system for me growing up. If I wanted to quit soccer and take up jazz dancing, she was all for it.

When I wanted to dedicate my entire life to swimming, she was the reat every single  meet to cheer me on, even if she had to travel 11 hours to be there.

When I would come home crying my eyes out in high school because yet another boy had "ruined my life," she was there to tell me how stupid he was and give me reasons why I was a stronger person than he'd ever be.

I will never forget my senior year in highschool. I suffered a blood clot and she stayed in the hospital with me for days on end, never leaving (unless she needed some coffee, but how can you blame her?). It was because of this clot that I could no longer compete in the sport of swimming the way that I always had.

Based on her advice, instead of swimming that year, I joined the drama club and ended up getting a lead role in the musical. I have always been able to sing, but no one in the world loves my voice more than my mother.

That play ran five times in one weekend and she came to every single performance (she came to most alone, might I add). She looked more and more proud of me after each performance.

I never would have auditioned if it werene't for my mother. She believed in me more than anyone else, and she gave me the courage to do something I was too afraid to do for years -- perform for other people. 

That year gave me confidence that landed me a spot in an accapella group in college, where I had the greatest experiences. Without my mom's support, I never would have made those incredible memories.

Most importantly, my mother turned me into the caring person I am today. It is because of her selflessness that I am giving, and I always try to see the best in people. 

My mother taught me how to stand up for myself and saw strengths in me that no one else ever pointed out. She reminded me that I was too smart and too kind to let others bring me down. She wanted me to alw ays voice my opinion when it mattered.

My mother gave me my voice in many ways, just as many mothers have for their daughters.

Moms make the world a perfect place because they bring us into the world and give us the support we need to grow as people. We are braver and more inspired because of them.

We all need someone who believes in us, and our mothers always will. 

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