Head to Toe Beauty Treatments to Do While Asleep

Head to Toe Beauty Treatments to Do While Asleep


These 6 spa-style tricks that work overnight to put the beauty in “beauty sleep” so you can look gorgeous for Mother’s Day (and everyday!)

Mother’s Day is around the corner, so you’ve got to get gorgeous for all the big and little celebrations that are coming your way! What’s a busy mom to do when it comes to getting her hair and skin looking fantastic? Read on!

After brushing your teeth and performing your nightly facial cleansing ritual, a series of weekly routines for hair and skin will give you a total beauty makeover while sleeping.

With our busy schedules, we all have to multitask to get everything done, so why not put those eight hours of sleep to work by indulging in overnight beauty treatments? There aren’t enough hours in the week to treat yourself to every therapy, but a series of beauty care regimes can work wonders during slumber. On waking the next day, you will feel like a new woman. It not only saves time, it lets your body’s natural healing powers bestow benefits from your head to your soles—as well as your soul.

The expression “beauty sleep” is not a myth. A good night’s snooze enhances appearance and improves health. We look less tired when fully rested, so why not look even more attractive with a weekly regime that moistures your hair, nourishes your skin, brightens your eyes, renews your nails, refreshes your feet, and revitalizes you all over? The following overnight tips can be done together to prepare for a special day or one at a time to turn you into a Sleeping Beauty:

1. Hair

Rest your head on a smooth satin pillowcase for your skin and hair. The lack of friction will reduce frizz and fight wrinkles. Other nights of the week you’ll want a protective pillowcase when using a hair mask. Moisturizing leave-in serums and products are available in stores and DIY versions include everyday ingredients from your kitchen, such as eggs, bananas, mayonnaise, coconut oil, lemons or onion juice. An easy version involves massaging olive oil through your hair and wrapping your head in a warm towel for four hours or overnight. Shampoo well in the morning and rinse with vinegar to give your mane some extra shine.

2. Face

After your nightly face-care routine, exfoliate with your favorite product like Olay Whips that keeps skin plump and hydrated overnight.  Or why not try some sugar added to olive oil to remove dead skin cells? If you want to try natural ingredients available in the cupboard, squeeze half a lemon and mix with one beaten egg white. Apply to your face, go to sleep and wash in the morning with warm water. Dab toothpaste or a cinnamon and honey paste on a pimple. For dry skin add 3 teaspoons of olive oil and 3 teaspoons of almond oil to the lemon juice. And don’t forget to use lip balm for a moist mouth.

3. Eyes

Prevent puffy eyes and dark circles with a very gentle mini-massage using an eye cream around the eyes to stimulate circulation, which can help remove excess fluid. An eye mask to cut out light helps improve rest and encourages the natural production of melatonin and serotonin. Place a slice of cucumber on your eyes to refresh them during a nap.

4. Hands and Nails

To beautify your hands, a similar routine to your face is called for with exfoliation followed by a generous dose of moisturizing cream. Wear a pair of cotton gloves to seal in the moisture. Don’t forget to hydrate your fingernail cuticles to prevent hangnails. First scrub with honey, sugar and a bit of water to remove dry cuticles. Massage in cuticle oil and then your moisturizing cream. (This can be done for toes, too.) In the morning, remove gloves and your hands will be baby soft.

5. Skin

Lightly scrub legs and arms with a spa brush or loofah using gentle strokes toward the center of your body to exfoliate. Moisturize with a favorite moisturizing cream, or if you jump out of the shower before drying off add a little rose or lavender oil to your skin for an added element of aromatherapy and to help repair your skin.

6. Feet

Soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salts for five minutes. Use exfoliating gloves or a pumice stone to remove dead skin. Apply a generous amount of deep moisturizing cream with a touch of peppermint oil and put on cotton socks overnight. Weeklong spas offer luxurious versions of these treatments. But these rejuvenating techniques can create the magic overnight, literally. For other tricks to help with the body’s repair process, ensure a peaceful rest by avoiding work and electronics for an hour before sleep and caffeine drinks for at least six hours. Listen to relaxing music to create a calming effect and read a pleasant or amusing book in bed to encourage sweet dreams.

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