Eyelash Extensions

Creating wide-open eyes is the quickest way to look younger, and with eyelash extensions the effect goes into overdrive.

The worst thing about wearing mascara is spending 15 minutes every night scouring lashes with remover, only to wake?up with the raccoon effect...

With single lash extensions, eyes are accentuated and framed with gorgeous, natural-looking lashes. The procedure is quick and painless, and saves you 10 minutes a day (exit the liner, shadow and mascara routine), plus the remover debacle each evening. They are also easy to live with.

Getting 'em on
Step 1: First the therapist removes all make-up from your eyes and tints your natural lashes for optimal effect.

Step 2: Your bottom lashes are then covered with anti-ageing pads so that they won't get in the way or stick to your upper lashes. Once your bottom lashes are secured, you can close your eyes and relax.

Step 3: Lashes are applied individually, alternating between the left and the right eye. The lashes are entirely synthetic, and quite coarse to the touch. However, once on they look full, thick and natural. The choice of lash length is up to you. The therapist ?will match shorter extensions with your inner and outer lashes, and by longer extensions in the centre of each eye, to create a natural effect. Generally the therapist will use between 60 and 80 lashes per eye.

Step 4: The entire procedure takes about an hour and a half. Once completed, the therapist will dry the lashes with a fan for two minutes. You will look immediately gorgeous, as opposed to other treatments, which require you to don dark glasses and hibernate for the rest of the day. The only thing left to do is gaze at your long-lashed self and bat those lashes at whomever you choose.


Upkeep and removal

  • You can't wet the eyelash extensions?for 24 hours after application, so no tears, no eye drops, no sweating, swimming or splashing your face with water. Have a cool bath and clean your face with cleansing wipes. After a day, you can swim, sauna or shower without any problems.
  • It is recommended that you sleep on your back the first night after application to avoid any lashes twisting over each other before they have dried completely.
  • If you want to keep the lashes on indefinitely, rather than having them applied for a single special occasion, you will need to go for fills (frequency will depend on your lash cycle, but averages at two to three weeks) as your lashes are constantly falling out - within eight weeks all your lashes will have fallen out and regrown naturally, with or without extensions. If you don't want to maintain your extensions, you can use a removal gel that will dissolve the adhesive in 10 minutes. Otherwise just wait for them to fall out naturally.

Hints & Tips

  1. Brush your extensions with a lash brush or clean, dry mascara wand. Nothing is more of a giveaway than a skew lash.
  2. Lash extensions are susceptible to oil so avoid cream cleaners, cream-based eye shadows, mascara, oil-based eye make-up remover and touching your eyes with your fngers as the natural oils in your skin will cause the lashes to fall out faster.
  3. Will eyelash extensions damage natural lashes? Not at all, as your natural eyelashes are falling out all the time. However, fiddling with and tugging at your lashes can damage them.
Don't forget to apply Olay to complete your look!

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