Easy make-up steps - from office to party!

If one isn't used to applying make-up, all the brushes and colours can be a little overwhelming. Here we show you how to apply basic make-up for the day, and how to liven it up for an after-work party.

Step 1: Prepare the skin
Your skin must be clean and fresh before starting with the make-up. Apply moisturizing cream and lip moisturizer and brush the eyebrows with an old mascara brush.

Step 2: The face

  1. Apply foundation. Less is more. Work from the centre of the face to the outside. Test first to ensure you are using the correct colour foundation. Use a makeup brush to apply the foundation, because it will ensure a professional appearance.
  2. Conceal where necessary. Use a soft brush to apply concealer around the eyes. Use the same brush to blend the foundation at the ear and hairline.
  3. Powder. Don't apply powder over the entire face. Use on oily areas, such as the T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin).
  4. Give your face contours. Foundation and concealer can easily make the face appear 'flat'. Use a bronzer to give shape to the face. Suck your cheeks in and apply the bronzer with an upward sweep-action to the fatty part of the cheek. Apply some bronzer to the hairline and cheekbones as well.

Step 3: The eyes

  1. Use a pearl cream eye-shadow to highlight the eye section. You can also apply a little under the eye for extra sparkle. Cream eye-shadow is a good base because the powder eye-shadow will cling to it.
  2. Apply eye-shadow. Coral colours, orange or peach coloured eye-shadows are ideal for any eye colour and give a warm. impression. Apply upwards up to the fold of the eyelid. Apply underneath the eye as well.
  3. line the eyes. Don't apply eyeliner in a straight line; rather apply in little dots (you will blend it anyway). The line underneath the eye must start in the middle of the eye, and end in the outside corner; otherwise it will make your eyes look small.
  4. Apply brown eye-shadow only in the outside corners of the eyes. Use a large brush to blend it with the other eye-shadow. Blending is important, so that your appearance doesn't have separate lines and colour spots.
  5. Blend the eyeliner with black eye-shadow. Black eye-shadow with a matte finish is not as harsh as liquid eyeliner, and is perfect to give definition to the eyes. Use a brush with an angled edge and shake the extra eye-shadow off first.
  6. Apply mascara. Use a mascara that gives the lashes length and definition. Apply less mascara to the bottom lashes.

eyes1 eyes2
1 - highlight
2 - apply eyeshadow
eyes3  eyes4
3 - Line the eyes 4 - blend eyeshadow
eyes5  eyes6
5 - blend eyeliner 6 - apply mascara

Step 4: The cheeks and lips

  1. Apply coral or peach coloured blusher for a tropical holiday appearance. Smile and apply the blusher with a large brush, using an out and upward movement from the fatty part of your cheeks.
  2. Finish with lip gloss. Lip gloss is ideal for the day. A soft shine in a natural colour such as coral is a good choice. If you want to define your lips more, use a lip-liner. But make sure you blend it well. Remember, lips and cheeks go hand-in-hand and the colours must match.
cheeks1  lips1
1 - apply blusher 2 - apply lip gloss

A little extra for the evening
Only a few steps are needed to liven your daytime makeup up for the evening.

Step 1 Use a brown eyeliner and colour the eyelid. (Don't go higher than the fold of the eye).


Step 2 Apply dark eye-shadow over the eye-liner.

Step 3 Line the eyes with a black eyeliner. Use black eye-shadow and a little brush to blend the eyeliner.

Step 4 Colour the eyebrows with the brown eye-shadow using a brush with an angle.

Step 5 Apply more mascara and more blusher.

Step 6 Line the lips and use a darker lip gloss to emphasize the lips.

Step 7 Apply concealer where necessary, especially around the eyes and nose. Use powder only if necessary.


  • Use a variety of colours as concealer. Use a concealer two shades lighter as your skin colour for your T-Zone. It will highlight your features.
  • For the perfect smoky eye look, use black eyeliner inside the lashes of the bottom eye-lid. Use a little brush with an angled edge to apply black eye-shadow over the line. It will prevent the eyeliner from smudging.
  • Common make-up mistakes include the wrong colour foundation, and using too much makeup. One should not be able to see your foundation - it should suit your skin tone perfectly.
  • Incorrect formula foundation is also a stumbling block. Someone with a dry skin shouldn't use powder foundation, and those with oilier skin should stay away from cream-based foundations.
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