The 5-minute Nighttime Regimen You Will Want to Try Tonight

The 5-minute Nighttime Regimen You Will Want to Try Tonight

Nights can be the only quiet time for mums to look after themselves and get ready for the day to come...


Cleansing the skin is essential! Getting rid of the day's old makeup and dirt should always be your first step. Cosmetics left on your skin overnight will clog your pores and lead to blotches and irritations. These dual-textured Olay Anti-Wrinkle Wet Wipes will make the process quick and easy, leaving little excuse not to cleanse properly. No lathering or rinsing required!


Your skin cells regenerate at night, so this is the ideal time to use a hard-working night cream to do the magic for you! Try the Olay Regenerist 3 Point Age Defying Night Cream that will energize your skin's appearance. Using a night-time cream regularly and consistently is key, so keep it handy: next to your toothbrush in the bathroom, or on your bedside table, to guarantee that you don't forget this vital step of your nighttime beauty routine!


If waking up with a messy mop of hair is a problem for you, think, and act, ahead! A quick bun on damp to dry hair will keep it neat overnight, giving you soft, natural looking waves to boot. In the morning loosen the bun, run a brush through your hair and voila!


Your lips are most sensitive to dryness overnight, especially if you have central heating. Keep a rich lip balm by your bedside and lather on before you snooze, for super soft smackers in the morning. Leaving the balm on overnight will give it plenty of time to work its magic on even the driest lips. 

Don't forget the feet

Studies show that women are much more likely to suffer from cold feet than men! And having cold feet at night can keep us from getting comfortable and falling asleep. A soft, breathable pair of socks can keep your feet warm. Apply a generous layer of soothing rich foot cream on before you put your socks and keep your tootsies soft and ready to support you through another day!

What is a part of your night-time routine that you can't miss? If we missed something, let us know in the comments below! And check out Olay for great offers and more skincare tips.

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