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I'm pretty consistent with the hair products I use. I've never been experimental because I'm scared that it might damage my hair. But when I found out about Pantene's new 3-minute miracle conditioner, I was so curious.

My past conditioner didn't make my hair smooth and shiny, it just made my hair crazy straight and without volume (which I super hate, btw). So I decided why not give this new product a try?


I've dyed/permed my hair so many times so it's damaged and the tips look so awful. It really looks unhealthy. But what I noticed after weeks of using this product, my hair looks alive again. It's shiny, smooth, and I can get away without combing/brushing my hair. I think what I like best about it is that it really makes your hair super soft but still creates volume. That's the problem with other conditioners; it makes your hair TOO straight. But not with Pantene's 3-minute miracle conditioner.


Now I can finally see the change! My hair looks prettier now :P Glad I made the switch! Looks like I've found my new staple conditioner. Try it and let me know what you guys think about the product!

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Tracy Ayson is a freelance fashion stylist and writer. She graduated from De La Salle University & took up short courses in School of Fashion and the Arts. This lass likes to travel and explore the world.

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