Tips For Hair Styles During The Rainy Season

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The most common problem during the rainy season when it is hot and humid is that hair can become bigger, wavy, or flat. These problems are a result of damaged hair. When air containing a large amount of moisture comes in contact with damaged hair cuticles, hair expands, which causes waves.

The basic solution is to make sure that your hair is healthy with smooth cuticles using hair treatments. Using leave-in treatments in the morning in addition to at night can help. This will help protect cuticle during the day, making your hair easier to manage. Be sure to try the following tips as well.

After washing: how to dry your hair and choose the right styling product
● If your hair tends to expand, use a hair dryer from above to press your hair down. Next, select a styling product such as mousse or oil that contains moisturizers.
● If your hair becomes wavy, use a hair iron instead of a hair dryer. Same as for reducing volume, moisturizing type styling products are recommended.
● If your hair tends to flatten out, use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair in the opposite direction of the hair starting from the back to the front. Do not use mousse or wax. Instead, use styling products with a light texture such as sprays or lotions.

* Regardless of your hair type, be sure to dry your hair completely from the roots. It is important that you finish your hair using cold air in order to release the heat from your hair after drying.

Going out: how to keep big hair under control
When you notice some problem while you are out, do you simply add some water to fix it? This is not a good idea. It may look better for a while, but once the moisture evaporates, the problem will reappear. When you spot a problem, fix it with a brush. Use a rough brush and brush slowly and lightly to release the moist air from your hair.

Hair styles: put your hair up!
If your hair problems persist, try a tighter hairstyle.
For example, collect your bangs in your hand, give it a twist, and pin it back to create a pompadour.
You can also try a hairband to keep the hair around your face down and looking fresh.


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