Hair Routine: Lesser dandruff, smoother and softer hair

I know some of you who use shampoo everyday experience getting dandruff which makes your scalp feel so itchy. I do feel that sometimes, but there’s a way to lessen this dandruff thing! They say, shampoo if used too much could really be damaging. In fact, one of the salon I went into recommends that I use it every other day. But without shampoo, it’ll feel so sticky and oily. My secret routine? What I do in applying shampoo:  - I only use sachet (for one usage) or if I happen to buy those in bottles, I squeeze only a little on my palm. I use Pantene Total Damage Care because of my split ends. - I get a “tabo” or container and while pouring the shampoo I got, I put it directly to the shower accumulating only an equal amt of water or just enough to make it foamy - I mix the shampoo and water well until everything becomes foam/bubbles. The shampoo shouldn’t be visible.  - That’s the only time I apply it to my hair. I start from the scalp to the tips then massage. Don’t forget to rinse well. Afterwards, I put conditioner. I use Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle. Since then, I've never used any other product. Extra tip, you need to be loyal to the products you use. Find one that suits your hair then be loyal. That will lessen causing damages to your hair. I start from the tips since I believe it's the part most prone to heat and damage, then I spread it to each strands of my hair going up to the scalp, massaging it. I leave it for a few minutes. While waiting, I cleanse my body. I leave the conditioner to my hair so that it could do its work, nourishing from root to tips. My hair is the last part I rinse in taking a bath.  Again, rinse well. And that’s it! I now have a smooth and softer hair without dandruff. I also believe that the products really helped lessen my split ends. ❤️ and comment if this helps. ��


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