The proper way to wash your hair

The proper way to wash your hair

Maintaining gorgeous hair is easier than you think. Here are 6 quick steps to help achieve beautiful and healthy hair.

Step 1: Brush your hair before stepping into the shower. Not only does it detangle hair, leading to less breakage, it stimulates circulation while removing residue from hair care and styling products.


Step 2: Wet hair thoroughly with warm water. Warm water loosens oils and opens up hair cuticles. Take care not to use hot water, as hot water dries out the hair and scalp. Make sure to lift the hair at the roots, and wet it, as this is where oil and dirt tend to collect.

Step 3: Pour a quarter/five peso-sized dollop of shampoo on your palm (double if hair is long) and add a splash of water. Massage onto scalp and roots for a few minutes, working your way down from the crown, back of the scalp to the hairline. Make sure to lift hair at the roots and rub in the shampoo carefully, taking care not to tangle hair. Concentrate on this area, which is oilier, and where skin flakes and product residue concentrate. Smooth the lather over the tips, but do not rub, as the ends of the hair are older, drier and more fragile.


Step 4: Set water to lukewarm temperature and rinse thoroughly. Unless your hair is doubly dirty or very thick, there is no need to shampoo again.


Step 5: Squeeze water out of the hair gently and apply conditioner, focusing less on the oilier roots, but more on the middle length of the hair to the tips. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing with cool water, to seal in the cuticles. Sealed in cuticles result in shinier hair strands.


Step 6: Wrap hair in a towel and if possible, let it dry out naturally. Brisk towel rubbing damages hair. Take care not to tug or pull on hair when combing.



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