How to Get Your Kids into Healthy Hair Habits

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The earlier you can teach your children good hair care, the easier life will be for everyone in the family. Here's how…

Unlike teenagers - who tend to love preening themselves! - getting younger children interested in looking after their hair can be a challenge. Washing it is often a chore, going to the hairdresser can be a nightmare, and getting a brush through knots at bedtime can turn into a full-on battle.

However, if you can get them excited about caring for their hair now, they'll develop healthy habits that'll last a lifetime (and they'll thank you when they become hair-obsessed in their teens and twenties!).

 Follow these tips to encouraging your child to see hair care as being easy, important and most of all, enjoyable...


1. Choose the right washing schedule

It's easy to stay stuck in the nightly bath routine if that's what you've always done to get them to bed. But as kids get slightly older they may not need a full head-to-toe wash every evening - so why force them to do something they dislike daily if it's not necessary? Straighter, finer hair only needs washing every other day (unless they do sweaty sports or messy activities like painting), whereas thicker, more textured hair might need it even less. Come up with a realistic hair-washing schedule based on your children's hair type and lifestyle, as opposed to washing it daily for the sake of it. This will help hair-washing start to feel like less of an inconvenience and more of an energizing refresh.

2. Find ways to make it more enjoyable

If they hate having water poured over their heads, see if your children prefer going under a ‘waterfall' (the showerhead) instead. And encourage them to see post-wash brushing as relaxing, rather than something to be endured, by using a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush. Also, give your kids their own small-handled hairbrush to help them feel ‘grown up'. Let them practice brushing their own hair, your hair, and even their teddy bear's fur.


3. Give them options

By letting them experiment with different haircuts, styles, or accessories, your kids will slowly start to get excited about looking after their locks - and may even start to look forward to haircuts! Anything from encouraging trips to the hairdressers armed with a photo of a style they love, to choosing fun hair accessories, will help them start to understand that hair care can and should be fun. 


This feature has been brought to you by Pantene, which believes strong is beautiful and empowers women and girls by helping to build their confidence. We'd love to hear how you help your kids look after their hair. Share your tips with us in the comments section below.

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