Hairstyles that are perfect for your face shape

Hairstyles that are perfect for your face shape

Your hair is your crowning glory, so discover how you can look your best with a fresh new hairstyle!






For round faces

Do you want your face to look longer? Go for a cut just below your chin. That is the ideal length for making a face look slimmer. Avoid curls and anything that could add volume and make your face look wider. Style your hair smooth and straight. If you want to tie back your hair, make a low pony tail at the nape of your neck. Styles up high close to your cheeks and ears would make your face look wider.
Your style? A chin-length bob. Choose a layered bob that creates movement in your hair.

For square faces

If you have a square face, the shape of the forehead and cheekbones are marked. So don't add lines to the hairstyle. It's better to avoid a straight fringe, for example. Choose a cut that softens the face's lines instead: soft layers, an irregular fringe, length, volume, etc.
Your style? Hair that falls just to your shoulders adds softness and femininity to your features.

You have a heartshaped face

If you have a wide forehand and a narrow or pointed chin, you have a heart-shaped face. Choose a fringe that falls to your eyebrows, perhaps a slanted fringe. This will accentuate your eyes. Your forehead will look narrower so your face will be beautifully balanced. Another tip: give the ends of your hair a little volume (by turning them around a brush as you dry them) to make the bottom of your face look wider.
Your style? A chin-length bob or shoulder length hair. And, in all cases, a fringe:

For long faces

Choose a fringe that falls to your eyebrows. By covering your forehead, it will make your face look shorter. To add another note of balance, choose a cut that gives the impression that the bottom of the face is wider. Bet on a chin-length cut or a layered cut. Avoid too much volume on top, as that will only make your face look longer.
Your style? A bob with a fringe or shoulder length hair with layering to the chin.

For oval faces

You are the lucky one! You can wear short or long, smooth or curly hair. Everything suits you! To flatter your features, you can go for all the fringes and all the bobs, from chin length to shoulder length hair. You can also wear long hair, but preferably with a middle parting to show off your face's beautiful proportions.
Your style? Most cuts will suit your face shape, but you always have to make sure that your hair texture will suit them. Ask your hair stylist what he would advise.

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