Dare to go Short: 5 Short Do's we Fearlessly Love

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You’ve been wanting to chop off your locks forever, you’ve even made appointments at the hairdresser, but fear has always won. What if it doesn’t suit me? We hear you. But here are 5 short cuts that don’t require you to be bold and brave. Short hair is fun, it’s daring, it’s easy. We all long for it, yet most of us never dare to get it. But short doesn’t have to be scary. Nor does it have to be so short that all you can do with it is wait for it to grow. Check out our five suggestions for a leap of faith that will land you in a happy place.

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An A-line bob or uneven bob is a fun way to go without cutting off too much. They can be ear-length, they can be shoulder-length, they can be shorter in the back, longer in the front, they can be all lengths at once. You can straighten them, curl them, pull them into pony tails, or keep out of your face with a headband. It''s a win-win.


The asymmetrical short cut is adventurous, yet safe. With this cut, you go short only in the back, leaving longer hair on top of your head. The longer hair is swept across your face, throwing a sense of sophisticated chic. Feeling bold? Mess it up. Have no time?  ;Tuck it behind ears.


A pixie cut doesn''t have to be synonymous with fear. Nor does it have to make your head feel naked. Go for a longer tapered kind, as it leaves lots of hair on top of your head to play with. Tease it up with some Pantene Pro-V Mousse for a messy look, sleek it back for a more refined feel, or just let it be.


If your hair has been down to your waist ever since you can remember, or if you''re simply not ready to take the short hair plunge, consider a shoulder-length cut. It''s versatile, it''s fun, and just as big of a change as a pixie cut. Your hair will still be long enough to put up in a bun or pony tail. Ask your hairdresser if layers or blunt ends are best for you. And play away!


The bob is back and here to stay. The straight, even, neat one. The one we thought we''d never see again. Play with it by creating loose curls at the ends or putting half of it up. Easy to style, quick to dry, and not too short, this cut is an eternal keeper.

What are your favorite short cuts?


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