What is your secret for shiny hair?

What is your secret for shiny hair?

The ambassadors share their experience. They tested 1001 methods for having perfectly shiny hair. Here are their top ten tips.

  1. “I always finish rinsing with cold water for one minute. My grandmother said it closes the hair. Ever since, I have continued to do it.”
    (Ambassador Myosotis58)

  2. “I coat my hair withArgan oil, I wrap it in aluminum foil and leave it on all night. The next day, after washing, my hair is all shiny.”
    (Ambassador Nana1349)

  3. “I put some serum on my hair when it is damp. Straightaway, when it's dry, it's shiny.”
    (Ambassador Hamidou22)

  4. “You should always use the hair dryer in the direction of the hair, from top to bottom. This closes the hair cuticles and it becomes more shiny. ”
    (Ambassador Sabhas)

  5. “I coat my hair with a dab of hair oil before and after drying. Shininess guaranteed!”

  6. “No trick to share… rinse it well!”
    (Ambassador Niky1000)

  7. “My ritual when I wash my hair: two shampoos, a conditioner, a detangling spray and a gloss serum. I have ultra-shiny hair!”
    (Ambassador Elisa310881)

  8. “I use a conditioning mask. My hair is definitely more shiny.”
    (Ambassador Victorianewman)

  9. “We tend to forget that it needs a good brush… For this, there is nothing like a boar bristle brush.”
    (Ambassador Candy_nice)

  10. “I try to choose suitable shampoo and products to get the best result in terms of shininess.”
    (Ambassador Betty)


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lovely tips! Shared:)

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i willt try some of the tips

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