We're Stressfree!

We're Stressfree!

Working on a graveyard shift can cause stress. Stress can cause dandruff. We worked graveyard doing all productions and accounts payable and other stuffs that cause us sooooo much stress, but because we used Head and Shoulders Dandruff free, we are all stressFREE! Our work nature demands us to be on time, be flexible and be versatile. Sometimes TIME is our enemy that we came in the office without making ourselves presentable and ready. Sometimes I forgot to comb my hair, and because i don't have the time to comb my very long hair no more but i don't worry at all because I am dandruff free and I am confident about it so I can just let my hair down even without combing, and my hair smells good, so it also saved me smelling bad coz I forgot to spray cologne. :)


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