Thick, Dry and Frizzy hair remedy

Thick, Dry and Frizzy hair remedy

I always have a thick, dry and frizzy hair since I'm in my elementary years up to college years. I'm having a hard time finding a solution to my hair problem. I have tried different expensive shampoos, conditioners and even hair treatments. It makes my wallet thin for those expensive and ineffective hair shampoo and conditioner that I have used. But you know, having a beautiful hair doesn't need an expensive treatment. The commercial of Pantene had caught my attention, all the promises of having a beautiful hair and everything. To my curiosity, I bought one shampoo and one conditioner. I was impressed by their shampoo, it smells good and it cleans my hair from dirt and pollution, it makes my hair soft. Also the conditioner, it makes my thick hair soft and silky and less prone to frizz. I want to thank Everyday Me and Pantene for giving me the opportunity to share my hair story. thank you and Godbless!


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