the World # 1  Shampoo!!!!

the World # 1 Shampoo!!!!

The 3 of us will have looked down in horror at a fine sprinkling of white flakes on the shoulder of a dark top. But many forms of dandruff do not shed. After using scalp health and dandruff treatment from Head & Shoulder.. Our hair become more smooth and silky. My reason to choose this was because of the extreme itchiness I was suffering due to the peak summer heat.. I love love love the head and shoulder shampoo!!!! ........ Begins working from first wash Lightly cooling formula relieves scalp from itch Contains Eucalyptus and menthol to cool the scalp Patented Vitazinc formula eliminates dandruff and prevents it from coming back Leaves hair feeling soft and manageable Soothes an unbalanced scalp


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