The routine that gives strength and shine to your hair

The routine that gives strength and shine to your hair

Curly or straight, fine or thick, and then black or brown. All hair has its own distinctive characteristics and must be treated with the care it deserves to prevent stress and bad habits from making it weak and lifeless. Hair is not self-sufficient as we like to think, you should never deceive yourself that it can flourish by itself. The right cut at the right time, products that give it a new lease of life and a specific care routine will always make a difference.

Admittedly, every head of hair is difficult to treat. Curly hair is almost always rebellious, straight hair always get knotted, not to mention its thickness which is tricky to manage. If you then add coloring or a wave into the mix, you will have the "necessary" ingredients for brittle, dull and weak hair. To avoid all this you should care for your hair constantly.

Frizzy and tangled hair depends above all on lack of moisture and the strength of each strand. The presence of split ends becomes, in these cases, further confirmation of the presence of damaged hair. The remedies, however, are easy to put into practice. Let your hairdresser cut your split ends for a new start, and treat your hair with greater care using products that will make your hair stronger and more luminous


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Try not to wash your hair every day. And if you are forced to do so,

always dilute the shampoo with warm water prior to use. Massage the head carefully when washing to facilitate the flow of blood and oxygen to the roots, to get rid of dead cells and to soften the scalp. After cleansing the hair with shampoo and rinsing out the excess water, moisturize with conditioner, allowing it to work for a few minutes and in the meantime brush from root to tip with a wide-toothed comb to remove any knots. Rinse and towel dry carefully, don't wring out the hair. Once a week apply a protective hydrating mask, leave to work for a few minutes and then wash the hair with lukewarm water.

By using these small measures and by protecting your hair from the summer rays your hair will be luminous and full again even after returning from vacation.

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