The language of seduction: legs & hair

The language of seduction: legs & hair

Beauty routine for a special event: advice and secrets for luminous hair and smooth, silky legs

You've finally met a man you're interested in and want to attract his attention? Remember: the body communicates, often better than words. You send messages through your gestures, the way you move and dress. For this reason, when you are on your first date, you should take particular care of your legs and hair, which, in the context of non-verbal language, are the most effective weapons of seduction available to women.

Legs: beauty routine

Often, unwitting gestures such as crossing and uncrossing the legs are an undeniable maneuver used by women to attract a man. And to embrace their curves and emphasize their femininity, hair removal plays an important role. The razor, in this regard, is the quickest, simplest and cheapest tool available. The following steps should ensure you get smooth, silky legs ready for a special evening:

  1. Shave the day before when your skin is wet, either under the shower or in the bath as the warm water will make the skin more relaxed and less sensitive

  2. Before you begin to shave, apply a depilating gel onto the legs. The gel hydrates the hair, making it easier to shave and contains lubricating substances that help the razor to glide more gently over the skin
  3. First shave in the direction of hair growth and then for a more precise result, shave in the opposite direction against the growth. Rinse the area with cold water to close the pores
  4. Dry gently and apply a smoothing, hydrating cream on the legs.

Hair: beauty routine


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Whether wavy, curly or straight, the hair expresses a woman's character and is a fatal weapon of seduction. If a woman touches her hair often or twirls it around her finger, while looking a man in the eyes, she is being flirty and inviting and wants to attract the attention to her hair (which has always been an attribute of feminine beauty). This is why it is always important to take care of it, especially before a romantic date. The following steps should ensure you get a result that's calling out to be caressed:

  1. Use a scented shampoo, tailored to your hair type (straight, curly, wavy, colored), choose a seductive perfume such as extract of rose, pearl, raspberry or passion fruit
  2. Massage the shampoo onto the skin in a gentle circular motion, rinse and proceed to a second application

  3. Don't forget to use a conditioner after every wash as it will make your hair silky and easy to brush. To give extra nourishment to your hair, apply a mask suited to your hair type two or three times a week and leave to work for a few minutes: this will ensure you get a shiny look which is soft to the touch
  4. Comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb working from root to tip 5. Dry your hair carefully, remembering to move the hairdryer from side to side and up and down, never fixing it on one spot for too long and never getting it too close to the head.

Romantic evening: dress and hairstyle

The choice of dress and hairstyle is essential in a woman's ritual of getting ready for a romantic night out.

Here are some top tips:

Choose a dress that is both sexy and romantic at the same time, and highlights the beauty of the legs but without showing off too much. The shoes? Heels are an absolute must!
- Choose a style that will leave your hair soft and loose For example, if you have straight hair, a classic style is to wear two braids that start from the sides of the head and come together at the center or to one side of the head. If you have curly (or wavy) hair, apply an intensive cream on to damp hair for a tousled, tailored look, then dry your hair with your head upside down, using the diffuser attachment, crumple the hair with your fingers in order to get a natural shape. When you've finished, secure it on one side only with a clip, perhaps flower-shaped which complements the choice of dress.

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