The French Twist without limits

The French Twist without limits

A true, signature trend, the French twist is perfect for a chic, retro look but is also one of the most comfortable and casual looks. Learn how to create a wonderful French twist with "natural" accessories.

The following is a modern version of the classic French twist, straight from the mind of Ben Cook, hair stylist and brand ambassador of Herbal Essences.
A wonderfully elegant hairstyle, with a lively and natural "twist".


- Wash the hair with Herbal Essences Seductively Straight and use a small amount of conditioner to ensure it's smooth and easy to comb.

- Divide the hair into strands and dry gently. Once dried, separate a sizeable strand from the front and secure - this will be the strand that will frame the face.

- Brush the rest of the hair towards the back, as if you are going to put it in a low pony tail.

- Begin to twist it all downwards, anti-clockwise, towards your right shoulder.

- Wrap the twist back on itself, keeping it pulled taut and secure with strong hairpins.

- Bring up all of the stray ends and hide them within the twist.

- It's now time to deal with the strand of hair tied to the side - comb it and then secure it with a hairpin to the side of the twist.

- Get a flower (in silk or even fresh!) and place it just above the twist, or if you prefer, on the ear opposite the strand of hair.

- You've just created your low French twist!

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