Team Goes to Baguio

Team Goes to Baguio

All works and no play makes the Team irate so the Team decided to go to Baguio - all expenses paid by the company. This is one thing I like most working in a Call Center that there is a “Team Building” not to mention about having good incentives, HMO and bonus. What challenge me most working in a call center is the schedule because usually we work at night where everyone else are enjoying the silence of the surrounding while asleep. Most challenges may lead to stress. Usually, stress can be seen on the skin and sometimes dandruff occurs. That’s why team building is very common in call centers to remove stress as what they say. Other goes drinking but the team decided to maximize the time by enjoying nature and out of town which was really away from work. Travelling from work to Baguio can bring dry hair and dandruff as well. Good thing that we were able to bring Head & Shoulder shampoo to bring out the best of our hair and maintain the healthiness of our scalp.


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