Soft, full hair: how to enhance it with the right hairstyle

Soft, full hair: how to enhance it with the right hairstyle

Typical of the eighties, this style is making a comeback and not just for fashion houses. Make-up and hairstyling adapt to the trend and for summer there are some amazing ideas from hairdressers and make-up artists. Curly or straight hair by nature can be enhanced or transformed with amazingly soft and full or very simple hairstyles.


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Hairstyles created on wavy hair can be very elegant, great for formal occasions or important evening do's, but if not overly done, are suited to every occasion (even for work).
Straight hair, curls, waves or simply more volume can be achieved by clever blow drying at the salon or a skillful finish at home. Large curlers, curling irons or a large round natural bristle brush and a good hairdryer are must-haves for the task. If you want to have some fun with a friend try involving her in helping you with the curlers (the ones with velcro don't require clips and simplify the job). Once you have created the volume you can then start putting it up. Besides hairpins to support the hairstyle, you'll also need to find decorative clips: from flowers, always very elegant for formal occasions, to crystals and glittery sequins for the evening, to on-trend butterfly hairpins.
We prefer hairstyles that aren't too flashy, avoiding generic "kiss curls" details which are an absolute "no"! The classic French twist styled either high or low on the head is always chic. But a French twist effect on top of the head in rocker style, almost like a chignon is just as nice.
Pulling a few strands to one side, moving the bulk of the hair towards the opposite side, and raising the volume to the top of the head by setting it all with a spritz of hairspray, gives you a slightly retro look which really enhances the profile. In general the trend is to accentuate the volume above the nape, with backcombed hair, without creating overly done curls or plaits. In the pursuit of glamour and sophistication, which freely interpreted by us, can also be transformed into a bolder look.
Once you've found the right inspiration and your own style, it will be even easier to create the look you want thanks to the choice of products on the market for washing and styling your hair. For a soft, full head of hair, we prefer super lightweight formulas, shampoos and conditioners that are deeply nourishing and are rinsed quickly without weighing down the hair.

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