Pantene 3 Minute Miracle

Just a few days ago when there was 2 guys giving some pantene products at the lobby of our office. I was about to gome home when one of them approach me and asked me to just fill up 2 forms so they can give me a trial product. At first I was hesistated though I am a Pantene user but I don't really use conditioner on my hair because it makes my hair oily all day so I said no thanks to the guy. Now my officemates were also there and since they signed up the forms they tell me I should signed up too so we can get some freebies. I decided to asked the guy who approached me to give me the form he was giving me earlier then I signed up. I recieved 2 containers of Pantene 3 Minute Miracle. The next day I took a shower then I brough the freebie I had I used it with my Pantene shampoo and wow after I took shower I dried my hair and i never felt this very soft and a gorgeous lock on my hair. I was surprise with the results so up to until now Im using the freebie. Btw the reason I registered here in everyday me is because the guy asked me if ever I loved the products nd wants to recienve more freebies I just go on thi website and register so I can recieve more freebies. So hopefully I cam also recieve a welcome kit from you Everyday Me!


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