Not just the chignon

Not just the chignon

To put the hair into an elegant updo all you need is a little imagination and a touch of originality. Enrico Mariotti, hair stylist, shares some invaluable tips for ever so stylish hairstyles.

Practical, but above all, elegant. The updo is a timeless style that doesn't just answer to the name of "chignon". And with a little effort, the hair, held back in a braid or a buoyant ponytail, adds a special touch to even the simplest of looks .

The braid.
Firmly back in the limelight, the braid is one of the trendiest and quickest solutions to putting the hair up. There are many interpretations of the theme. From the herringbone to the classic braid which can be left quite loose, adorned with a ribbon woven into the strands. Another solution is to wrap the braid around the head so it looks like a hairband. Lots of small braids can be gathered at both sides of the neck creating two chignons for a sophisticated and ultra-feminine retro look.


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The ponytail.
Do you like the classic ponytail? It only takes a second to transform an emergency solution into a chic updo. If you have very straight, smooth hair, for example, your could put it into a low ponytail and use a lock of hair to cover the band. Or you can tie it at the nape of the neck and fold it back up on itself, fixing it in the center with a band on view. Using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner makes the ponytail soft and fluffy like a cloud. What makes the difference, however, is the hair clip. If it is precious and original, even the simplest look acquires personality and style.

Backcombed locks.
An idea for an "aristocratic" updo for princess allure? Backcomb the strands with a narrow-toothed comb, then smooth it with a natural bristle brush to give luster and gather together the strands at the nape of the neck, one by one, fixing it in place with a hairpin.

The secret to a perfect updo is the right choice of products for styling. If mousses give shape and stability to fine hair by providing structure and hold to the hairstyle, then sprays and creams with micro-smoothing agents, to be used before blowdrying, keep frizz under control, to ensure you get a tidy and lustrous updo. A final spritz of hairspray sets your hairstyle to perfection and provides long-lasting results.

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