My First Sample Here

I finally received my free Pantene 30 minutes conditioner as well as my coupons and everyday me card! I love the card by the way, it makes me feel like an official member of this site. Anyway it has been a month after signing up before I received it, too bad it was not in a box like what the others got. Anyway I liked the coupons and the sample though I am not satisfied with the courier, I know Everyday Me is not responsible for the courier but I just want to express how devastated I was after coming home so excited about my package and seeing that it has a large hole presumably due to burning. It seems like a burnt hole, it looks like it was because of a cigarette, perhaps the one who delivered it accidentally burned it while smoking, sad to say the pouch of my Pantene 30 minute conditioner was damages as well, it has a hole plus a tear that is also made by sliding a hot or burning thing over it. Luckily my sample was not damaged, though I love the pouch it came with. Anyway thank you everyday me for this sample! Readers you can read my review of it on my blog "The Lovely Mirror"


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Hi, im new here... How can i get your free sample and discount coupon? Can i have it too? Thanks...

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