Keep your hair fabulously frizz free

Whether you’re off to a hot date on Valentines Day, heading to the office or going to town for some shopping with the kids, looking good is part of a woman’s everyday routine. Here are some tips to keep your mane looking bouncy when outside conditions become disagreeable.

Having a healthy-looking, effortlessly maintained mane is on the wish list of most women, but not everyone has the time to go to the salon regularly.

Weather conditions have a large effect on the way a hairstyle looks and holds. There are however, a few easy tips and tricks you can use to help keep the hair worries away on those days when an umbrella just isn’t enough to keep your locks tame.

Take advice
When you do manage to visit your hairdresser, set aside some time for a consultation. Ask questions and get guidance on what kind of cut and treatments would be suitable for your hair type in the climate you're in. A good hairdresser will be able to offer hair-management strategies, including ways to reduce frizzing and hair fall.

Keratin treatments are the almost perfect salon solution to frizzy hair, but they usually come with a hefty price tag. If you decide to treat yourself though, you can expect to have smooth, straight and frizz free hair for up to three months in most cases.

Limit washing
The more often you wash your hair, the more moisture you strip from it. This makes it more likely to frizz. Experts recommend that washing your hair every other day should be sufficient for most hair types, and helps to maintain the balance of natural oils.

Dry shampoo is a convenient option if you're rushed in the morning. It also comes in powder, mousse and aerosol form to help maintain your hairstyle throughout the day.

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner
When buying hair products, look out for words such as 'frizz control', 'hydrating' and 'smoothing' on the products you use. Try a shampoo and conditioner tandem from Pantene, which not only smooths hair but also helps rejuvenate it. Rinsing thoroughly also helps to avoid drying your hair tips. If you know friends with a similar hair type, it might also be worth it to get an opinion.


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When drying your hair after a shower, be gentle with your towel. Vigorous rubbing can be overly drying and corrosive, and can lead to frizzing and hair breakage, since hair is extra fragile when wet. Also try to ensure your hair is completely dry before styling, or your hair will continue to absorb the moisture, which causes frizz.

Have a good blow-dry
A bad blow-dry, or an unfinished blow-dry, can lead to hair puffing up and looking out of control. If you do decide to use a hairdryer, blow down the shaft of the hair to make it sleek and shiny. Blowing upwards will give it more volume, but also more frizz.

Nothing beats a professional blow-dry, so treat yourself when you can.

For emergencies, keep a hat or scarf in your handbag or your desk drawer just in case. Even with an umbrella, a scarf can help to keep flyaway hair strands in place, and if tied right, can jazz up your outfit instantly.

Use frizz-control haircare products
There are a number of frizz-control hair serums and sprays on the market that coat, smooth and protect hair and repel moisture. These should be applied from mid-length to hair tips, avoiding your scalp.

Pop one in your handbag or gym kit for emergencies!

Bad weather conditions are part and parcel of everyday life, but having well-kept, beautiful hair every day is possible without breaking the bank.

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My hair is so frizzy , sana mabigyan ng sample kung effective tlga sya ,sabi naman ng iba malambot daw tlga sa hair i wanna try this

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i love pantene ive been using this since highschool until now eto p rin ang prepare q gamitin kc very smooth nya s buhok really love it

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Gusto ko po ma try yung samples ng downy pang baby for my son. Siguro sa sobrang bango at lambot kapag naglaba ako if magamit ko mas lalo ko panggigilan ang baby ko at mas lalo kong yakapin. Hehe hoping! ��

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I wish I have samples too

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I switched to pantene since last year due to severe hair fall. Im a nurse so i always updo my hair wet and i think thats one of the reasons for my hair fall. Ive tried different products for my hair fall but it just worsens and when i tried pantene hairfall control shampoo and conditioner it really helped me a lot. Not just it addressed my hair fall issue it also make my hair strong as it grows. Now i have long hair upto my waist. Thanks to pantene!

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