Hide your roots

Hide your roots!

It has been a few weeks since you had your hair colored and nasty regrowth is starting to appear. No time for more color? Here are a few solutions.


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Hide your roots

1. Add volume

The simplest way to hide regrowth is to give your hair volume. Better yet, curls. If you have smooth hair lying flat against your scalp, then roots are particularly visible. By adding volume at the base of the hair, adding beautiful curls, you will reduce root visibility.

Hide your roots

2. Wear a hairband

Some styles, like pony tails, may highlight roots and regrowth. But if it is your favorite look, you don' t have to give it up. To hide the roots, wear a hairband or tie a pretty scarf around your head. Elegance guaranteed.

Hide your roots

3. Move your parting

Gray hair often grows in clumps. There are lots here, not many there. If your parting goes through a tuft of gray hair, it will be very visible. Try moving it a little, or switching sides so that the gray hair is less obvious.

Hide your roots

4. Think about dry shampoo

A colored dry shampoo can temporarily mask regrowth. A dry shampoo can also protect your color by delaying the next normal wash. Water and shampoo are the worst enemies of colored hair. You can also apply temporary colors with a little brush that come out at the first wash.

Hide your roots

5. Stay close to your natural color

If you choose a color in a shade fairly close to your natural color, the regrowth will be less visible. Whether you want to lighten or darken your hair, for a natural, flattering effect, never switch by more than two shades. Highlights will give you a more subtle result than overall color, too.

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