Gotta Have to Try THIS!

I got my free sample of Pantene 3-minute miracle conditioner last March 12! Thanks to and more power to P&G!!! I'm using a different brand of conditioner. I've never tried other products because I've been using it since high school. I was afraid to try out new products in the market because I'm worried that it might cause damage to my hair. But with Pantene's new advertisement, I got curious to it's promises. Will it really give a new life to a damaged hair? This sample is good for 7 days, for medium short hair. I was amazed that the result was a lot more better than my current conditioner. It has no sticky feeling, and easy to wash. No more long hours in the bathroom. Just 3-minutes, wash it off and feel the new vibe of your hair. Pantene will surely be part of daily bath routine from now on.


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.any items coming from you is my pleasure..hope you send me your free samples.

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