For How long?

I am quite curious about the comments and other things as to which caught my attention. Well, unfortunately for haven't receive anything since I registered here. Well, I am also a newbie at this and so I look forward on trying the things this site offers. Besides, I am fan of using P & G products. Hoping someday I may receive it. I am amused also on those people whose a bit of a lucky pick. I sure still have high hopes in having to receive one at least. And by the way I have tried using the Pantene 3 minute miracle sample but it came from bdj, sharing with the results was amazing product. So I am expecting to receive some here since I registered and availed it then. TIA


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My husband and I have received my welcome kit 2 weeks after I signed up and become a member here. Other members that didn't receive their samples and welcome kit because they always forgot to edit their profile,and put their address. I suggest to check your profile too. Maybe, just maybe you forgot it too. And if not, don't worry it will arrive on your door soon.

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