Fed up with your hairstyle? A few changes will do you good!

Fed up with your hairstyle? A few changes will do you good!

How has this happened? Only yesterday you were so happy with your hair and today, you realize that it doesn't look like anything. Should you take a trip to your stylist, although you'd really like to leave it to grow, because long hair is in fashion this summer... Here are some tips to help your look and your patience!

Fed up with your hairstyle? A few changes will do you good!

Don't act on impulse
Don't cut it straight away. Instead, pamper your hair with a new shampoo or hair mask. And buy a hair straightening or curling iron, if you don't already have them. Beautiful curls, more volume or a smooth and glossy hairstyle...you can have them in a flash so you can then easily wait until summer and the hairstyle of your dreams.

Divert your attention
This may seem strange: often, we are simply not happy
with our general appearance and project this feeling onto our hairstyle. A new make-up product, a new lipstick or a new dress will stop you from focusing on your hair... and will prevent you from frantically turning to the scissors.


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Step by step

Radical changes are rarely a good idea. Going from long to short, from blond to dark and vice versa... these are big changes that we often later regret (especially when we go from long to short!). Instead, do it in stages. Start with a small change, such as a change of color or new highlights, curl your hair or simply smooth it. Following your hairdresser's advice, you can also cut it slightly, so as to gradually achieve your new hairstyle.

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