Daily Dose of happiness!

Daily Dose of happiness!

A happy team is a happy life! We always enjoys each others spare time. We laugh at random things and also cry at the very sleepless moments of every production. But one thing is for sure, Life is a choice to seize the day and a choice to be the happiest! Successful leaders know happy employees contribute to better profitability. Some people believe that happiness at work means the eradication of all negative feel­ings. These people are heading for disappointment. Happiness at work means that the balance is tipped in favor of the positive and that you have the feeling that you are doing something worthwhile. However, even when things are going well, we sometimes need negative feelings, as they serve as a warning when there is a chance that things may go wrong. Negative emotions also help bring about change. The problem arises when you get stuck in these negative emotions, as the feeling of powerlessness that it brings is very unhealthy.


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