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The new Pantene BB Crème is a 10-in-1 hair, leave on treatment perfector that aims to provide us, women, 10 hair health benefits like no other available hair crème out there.

Benefits like: 1) prevention of split ends, 2) strengthen against breakage, 3) smoothen hair, 4) moisturized feeling, 5) more manageable hair, 6) detangling, 7) frizz control, 8) heat protection, 9) shine and lastly, 10) softness. It’s a BB Cream that you can apparently use whenever, wherever – wet or dry hair, day or night.


It’s made perfectly for women around the world who are dealing with different hair health problems! May it be from frizzy hair to dry hair to split ends to all sorts of other hair problems, it’s here to tend to our hair needs and help us solve our daily hair issues.


I actually have started using this as well but only when I forget to use the Pantene 3 – Minute Miracle conditioner and you know what, I personally like it. I find the Pantene BB Crème for Hair, effective, beneficial and helpful because I saw actual results! I like the thought that if ever I don’t have enough time to put on conditioner, there’s another alternative for it! Which is this BB Crème! I also like that you can apply it whenever, wherever, and even if your hair is dry! I mean, come on, living in a tropical country is no joke, especially to our hair!

The heat can be way too much sometimes and finding a way to keep our hair always healthy and fresh can be hard! So I love that this product is a 10-in-1 leave on treatment BB Crème that provides us all around hair benefits, from more manageable hair to frizz control to heat protection and more. It practically solves all our hair needs. It surely is easy to use too! The only thing I’m not a big fan of with this product would be how big the bottle is! I find it a tad bit bulky for my bag but we are talking about hair and we all know how important it is to keep our hair looking good so oh well, I don’t mind it anymore!


So if you’re going through the same hair problem as I am or if you just basically have hair problems, I suggest you try out the Pantene BB Crème for Hair! It might just be what you’ve been looking for, for your hair! It’s now available at your nearest market.

Pantene Silky Smooth Care Conditioner

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I want to try this your new hair product- Pantene BB creme 10-in-one hair leave-on treatment for my frizzy and brittle hair..Can you please send me sample..Thanks Pantene and more power P&G for your products innovation..Mabuhay!

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i'd love to try that. <3

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I actually really love this pantene coz my wife always tell me that after she uses this her hair is very soft and smooth when you touch it.hope to have a sample for my wife.godbless po

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Hope I can receive sample of this product too for me to try also. Thanks Everyday Me and P&G!

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how do i get free samples?

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