Beat the heat in this hot weather

Beat the heat in this hot weather

Are you feeling too hot? Take a bath. It will cool you down. But you can actually feel cooler without having to spend too much. Simply use the Head and Shoulder Cool Mint flavor -- it actually feels cool on the scalp. And that is while the shampoo itself is helping you avoid or deal with dandruff problems. I know. I use it. It's been such a good feeling on my head all summer. Plus, my hair is soft too, and easy to comb. Mind you, my hair is not short -- it's down to my shoulder blades. Do you doubt it? Try it. Just go get the sachet first. Simply use enough for your hair. You'll feel cooler too, promise. As you rinse, you will feel the coolness on your scalp already. While your hair dries, the coolness lingers.


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Hello h&s please give me your sample...I love h&s..thanksss everyday me

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