A Team Leader's Best Reward

A Team Leader's Best Reward

Despite the stress, there's nothing more rewarding than your efforts being appreciated by your team. There are so many horror stories about agent-team leader grudges. One may always hear the term power tripping and inconsiderate. That's why I feel so lucky that me and my agents have developed a bond that goes beyond the walls of our office. Whether it's payday or "petsa de peligro" we enjoy each other's company by dining out or visiting each other's house. Everyone takes a turn to host the team. It's always fun to laugh at each other's bloopers shared over a meal. We also enjoy adventures outside of the Metro. We have experienced being splashed by big waves on our boat, scarred by corals, and even laughing at someone when a coconut fell on her. Those and a lot more are the memories I always look back to and treasure. Years after our team separated so I can take another leadership role, we still meet and have adventures together (insert SCUBA diving). One of the moments I won't forget is when they surprised me when I had to handle a new assignment. It was both heartbreaking and challenging for me. I feel very happy that my efforts and constant reminders never went down the drain. Despite all the stress, being appreciated by your agents would always be the best reward for a Team Leader like me. =)


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