2014: New year, new look

2014: New year, new look

Desire for something new to hail in beauty 2014? Enrico Mariotti, hair stylist, gives his top tips for changing hairstyle.

The start of the year is the best time for a new haircut. It brings a breath of new look to your hair, changing your perception of yourself and your relationship with others. Coco Chanel also said the same thing. “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. Don't forget: the cut, hairstyle and color will be scrutinized to enhance the look.

More light and softness to feel different

The most radical change? Changing from a dull, dry and unruly head to a shining head of natural glossy hair. To achieve this goal you need to rethink the way you treat your hair every day. Starting with the choice of treatment products deserving particular attention: mild shampoo, created to suit the hair's needs, gentle conditioner which hydrates without weighing hair down, masks which penetrate the hair to regenerate and restructure for a healthy and beautiful head of hair. Take care to avoid brushing the hair too vigorously as this weakens the hair, and also avoid washing it in very hot water and excessive use of hair straighteners and curling irons.


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The time has come to get a haircut

To renew your look you may decide to change your cut or hairstyle. There are endless hairstyles to breath new life into your hair. It’s important to entrust your hair to an expert hair stylist: celebrity hairstyles should be a source of inspiration, not models to be copied. Every hairstyle should be tailored to the hair type, to the face shape and also to the individual’s lifestyle. It takes very little to make a difference. Why not try, for instance, a straight fringe or an elfin fringe? It is also a good idea to change from layered hair or to a straight style to a wavy style, perhaps with lightened tips to give movement and volume.

Just a hint of color and the job is done

If black is too boring for you and brown really predictable, you could decide to try a new color. Warning: radical changes, from dark to light or perhaps to red, require, besides a good dose of courage, the support of expert hands, so you don't run the risk of a disappointing final result. Better to opt for a softer solution by deciding upon a hint of color that will bring light without distorting your image: coppery highlights on brown hair and shades in warm tones, from cinnamon to chocolate, for dark hair. A subtle play of highlights is what works for a natural and sparkling look.

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