Mix it Up: A New Take on your Everyday Do

Stuck in a hair rut? Tired of the same old pony tail, day in, day out? Whether you have two minutes or twenty to spare on your hair, we’ve got your mini-makeover covered. Moms, let’s face it, you’re busy. And good hair takes time. So you stick to your usual routine, day dreaming of the day when you can again spend hours caring for your locks, playing with different styles. We’ve got news: you can update your everyday dos. Here’s how.

A pony tail is a mom-favorite do, simply because it''s easy and quick. Spice it up by tying a long, colorful ribbon around its base. Let it flow with your locks or weave it in. Use more than one color if you''re feeling adventurous.


You know that bun you have your hair in for so long you barely remember how long your hair has gotten? Tease a few strands out to give it a messy, carefree look. Then carefully pull one or two strands down from each side of your face, giving it a frame.


You straightened your hair the night before and woke up to a not-so-straight hair do. Take advantage of it. Wrap thick strands around your straightening or curling iron, and go for the loose curls look.


Is your pony tail starting to feel like a trap you can't break loose from? Go for the French braid. It's sophisticated, it's glamourous, and it definitely keeps your hair out of your way. Loose or tight, short or long, this braid will spice things up.


You finally took the leap of faith and got those bangs you've always wanted. Only that was months ago, and they are in that awkward stage of in-between. With a small round brush and blow dry them to the side of your face. They'll look sleek and blend into the rest of your hair. Use Pantene Pro-V Hairspray to keep them in place.


You love to leave your hair down, but it gets unruly and annoying as your busy day progresses? And you don''t want to go for the ponytail? Make a messy middle parting, take two even strands from each side, as thick or thin as you want, and secure them in the back of your head with a clip or an elastic.

Have any tips we missed? Share your wisdom!


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