How to Look After Your Summer Hair to Get it Looking Beautiful

How to Look After Your Summer Hair to Get it Looking Beautiful

Sun, sea salt and chlorine. Summer puts a strain on the hair's natural balance and beauty.

Ultraviolet radiation oxidizes the pigment and produces yellowing of the hair which compromises the natural protection of the hair fiber and makes it more vulnerable to attack from the sun's rays. Exposure also reduces the hair's lipid layer causing the hair to become dull and weak. Sea salt has a strong drying action and contributes to dull looking hair. The result: hair that, besides fading in color, also becomes wiry and dry and after a few months, due to poor body and elasticity, starts to break. Not to mention that the harsh summer elements can also take a toll on the scalp, therefore making it dry and flaky as well.

What is needed first of all is protection

The first rule for preserving the health of your hair when under the sun is to protect it from rays. Hats, scarves and umbrellas work but are not enough. You also need to apply protective oils and sprays on to the roots and lengths before exposure to the sun and after each time you go in the sea or shower. You should also bear in mind that these protective products, unlike suntan lotion for the skin, have a limited action since it is difficult to distribute them evenly and make them stick to the hair cuticle. Another important practice is to rinse your hair thoroughly in fresh water after swimming in the sea to remove the sea salt. Finally don't forget that the right nourishment comes from specific food supplements which contain zinc, selenium and B group vitamins.

In the evening it is important to deeply moisturize and nourish your hair. To repair sun damage it is essential in the evening to regularly use hydrating and regenerating treatments which restore the cuticle's correct shape and the right amount of moisture in the hair's fiber. Choosing the right shampoos and conditioners are essential. You’ll need to find ones that are hydrating to both your hair and the scalp plus color protecting, if you have colored hair. A brand like Head & Shoulders is always a good idea for those who want to keep dandruff and split ends at bay, while preserving the color. It is also advisable to use a nourishing and rejuvenating mask more often, at least twice a week. The ideal formulation? A product that is rich in substances that repair and restore the hair's natural balance and is super-fast acting in restoring the hair's softness and vitality. For long hair it is also useful to use a spray in the evening before going to sleep as it has a strong rejuvenating effect and works to get your hair ready in the morning for styling.

Two little secrets for an impressive look

A fast and glamorous summer look? Here are two suggestions

Those with short or mid-length hair can create, with the help of a wide-tooth comb and strong hold gel, a clever "urchin cut" effect. After washing and drying the hair, make a sideline parting with a comb, work the gel through the whole head and comb to create a masculine wet-look effect, super trendy for the summer evenings.

Those with mid-length hair can apply a golf ball size amount of mousse to the hair after washing and leave to dry naturally – the voluminous effect will emphasize the line of the cut and the hair's movement. A simple yet certainly appealing result for a relaxed look and feel during the carefree summer evenings.

How do you keep your hair looking fresh during the hot months? Share your tips below!

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